Medical Malpractice
Medical professionals can help us recover from injuries, conquer illnesses, minimize pain, and live longer, healthier lives. Like all human beings, however, medical professionals are not perfect, and sometimes, their lack of care, skill or diligence costs patients their health – or their lives.
There are times when bad medical results are simply unavoidable. However, there are other times when they were avoidable but occurred due to malpractice. The experienced professionals at D’Arcy Johnson Day can help you determine the difference and answer your questions.
From Records Review to Trial
The attorneys at D’Arcy Johnson Day have handled numerous medical malpractice suits to completion. We have the knowledge and experience to review your medical records and determine whether your injuries are the result of malpractice, or simply an undesirable medical outcome.
If our review of your case indicates that a medical professional or medical facility is at fault, we will handle your case on a contingency basis, charging legal fees only if we recover damages on your behalf.
We rely on medical professionals to protect our health and well-being. When lack of care, skill or diligence denies you that protection, D’Arcy Johnson Day is in your corner.
Types of Malpractice
The concept of medical malpractice is very broad and encompasses every form of error that could be made by a medical professional of facility. The most common types of medical malpractice brought before a court of law include:
• Improper Diagnosis
• Failure to Diagnose
• Medication Errors
• Surgical Mistakes
• Injuries at Birth
• Nursing Negligence

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