DJD’s Touchdown for Charity

cheerleaders DJDs Touchdown for Charity

Win a Team Jersey and Support Your Local Charity!


It’s simple — pick the correct winning team and score of DJD’s Game of the Week, and you can win your choice of team jersey and DJD will also donate $100 to your charity of choice!  Even better — this season DJD will also give away a second team jersey to one random person that shares the post on Facebook.    

All you need to do is wait for DJD to post the Game of the Week information on Facebook, then comment under the post and let us know who you think will win, and what the final score will be.  For example, if the Broncos were playing the Seahawks, a guess of “Broncos:  31-20″ would mean you predict the Broncos will finish the game with 31 points, and the Seahawks will finish with 20 points.  The next business day after the game, be sure to check back to see if you have won (the Winners may not be posted until after 4pm).  

The determination of the game prediction Winner is in the sole discretion of DJD and will be selected according to the following Rules and Tiebreakers:

Rules and Tiebreakers for DJD’s Touchdown for Charity

    1. All Participants must make their prediction before the scheduled kickoff for the Game of the Week.  The Facebook time-stamp will be considered the official time a Participant made his/her prediction. To be eligible, a Participant must select one winning team and submit two scores.  The higher of the two scores will be automatically assigned to the selected winning team.  Only Participants who post comments under DJD’s Official Game of the Week Facebook Post will be eligible.  Only one comment per participant is permitted; multiple comments by the same participant will result in disqualification from that contest.  In the event the Game of the Week ends in a tie, there will be no Winner that Week.
    2. The Winner must correctly select the winning team from the Game of the Week.  If a Participant does not select the correct winning team, they will not be eligible to win.  If more than one Participant selects the correct winning team, the first tiebreaker will be determined pursuant to Paragraph 3 below.
    3. If more than one Participant correctly selects the winning team, whichever Participant is closest to the winning team’s score will be eligible to win.  For example, using the above prediction of “Broncos: 31-20″, if the Broncos won and scored 28 points, that Participant would be within 3 points of the correct winning score.  If no other Participant was within 3 points, that Participant would win for the week and the contest for that week would be over.  However, if another Participant selected “Broncos:  25-7″, that individual would also be within 3 points of the winning team’s score, so the second tiebreaker would come into effect pursuant to Paragraph 4 below.
    4. If more than one Participant correctly selects the winning team, and those same Participants are also within the same amount of points of correctly guessing the winning team’s score, the next tiebreaker will be whichever Participant comes closest to the losing team’s score.  Using the above example, if the Seahawks scored 10 points against the Broncos, the Participant that selected “Broncos:  31-20″ would be 10 points away from the losing team’s score.  The Participant that selected “Broncos: 25-7″ would only be 3 away, and would be declared the Winner for the week. 
    5. In the event that two Participants select the same winning team, and the same exact score for both the winning and losing teams, the final tiebreaker will be which prediction was posted first on Facebook.  The Facebook time-stamp will be considered the official time the prediction was made.  Whichever Participant posted his/her prediction first will be declared the Winner for that week.
    6. If the Winner does not contact DJD (either on Facebook or by e-mail at within 5 days of being acknowledged on Facebook, the Winner will forfeit his/her right to the prize, and DJD will donate the $100 to the Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey.

Good luck to everyone and remember to Like DJD — the Law Firm that Likes You Back!