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Divorce & Family

When we walk down the aisle, we do not do so with the expectation that we’ll eventually be dividing property, discussing custody and visitation arrangements, and arranging alimony payments. Unfortunately, for many of us, marital status changes, and these issues arise. When they do, you can count on D’Arcy Johnson Day to protect your interests and preserve your familial relationships whenever possible.

Honest and Realistic
At D’Arcy Johnson Day, we work with you to identify goals and create a plan to ensure that all of the family and financial issues concerning children, alimony, child support, medical coverage, life insurance, education expenses, and equitable distribution of property are identified and addressed. While there is little we can do to alleviate the emotional distress caused by a family law proceeding, we find that by communicating openly and honestly with our clients about the system and what they can expect, we can alleviate their anxiety about the process itself.

Experienced in all aspects of family law, we pride ourselves on finding amicable resolutions to family disputes. Of course, when an amicable resolution is not possible, we do what is necessary to protect your interests.

No one enters a relationship expecting to need a divorce or family lawyer. When you do need one, however, D’Arcy Johnson Day will guide you through the process.

Assets Affected by Divorce
One of the important issues for consideration in any divorce is the distribution of property. Assets that may be affected by the divorce proceedings include:

• The Family Home
• Investment Properties
• Cash and Savings Accounts
• Family-Owned Businesses
• Pensions and Retirement Accounts
• Stocks and Bonds
• Personal Property
• Insurance Policies
• Tax Refunds
• Personal Injury Awards
• Lottery Winnings