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Criminal & Municipal Court Matters

There is no such thing as a minor violation or arrest. Even basic moving violations can be extraordinarily costly when it comes to insurance premiums. For more serious matters including DWI offenses (New Jersey makes no distinction between DWI and DUI), or criminal matters, the effects of an arrest can be life altering. Understanding your rights and obtaining proper legal representation immediately is vital to minimizing the impact of these serious events.

Experienced and Trusted Counsel
Whether you are facing a date in municipal court for a criminal matter, traffic violation, or a DWI offense, D’Arcy Johnson Day lawyers are committed to obtaining the best outcome and will represent your interests to minimize the impact on your life.

Taking the correct first step is vital – contact D’Arcy Johnson Day to ensure your interests are represented both today, and for the future.

The attorneys at D’Arcy Johnson Day are experienced in handling all levels of misdemeanor and felony offenses, including:

• Traffic violations
• Disorderly persons
• Municipal ordinance offenses (such as building code violations)
• Simple assault and other less serious criminal matters